Vitakraft/Sunseed Vitaplus Parrot 6/4 lb.



A diverse seed based diet with Quiko™Egg Food puffs, designed to meet the daily nutritional needs of all parrot species. The addition of nutrient rich, highly fortified Vita-Bite Pellets™ adds vitamins and minerals not normally found in a straight seed diet, promoting colorful feather growth and ensuring the overall health and well being of your pet bird. Eggs contain powerful antioxidants and are an excellent source of high quality, digestible protein. With tropical fruits, coconut, apples, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables rich in natural Vitamin A, this colorful diet is attractive to all parrots, and is fortified with added calcium, necessary for all life stages. All Vita Prima formulas are fortified with vitamin and minerals, contain beneficial bacteria (direct fed microbials) for digestive health, amino acids and Omega 3’s for skin and feather conditioning, and antioxidants for immune support.

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