San Francisco Frozen Multipack Saltwater Cubes 3.5oz



A feast for your saltwater fish! This multi-pack contains twelve cubes each of four delicious frozen food choices for a nutritious and varied diet for all your marine tropical fish. Includes a diet for herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores in a convenient cube package. Simplifies feeding by separating each food individually into easy-to-give portions. Foil cover preserves freshness and prevents freezer burn. Each 1/2 cube is 4.2 grams Marine Cuisine is a blend of natural seafood ingredients, spirulina algae, color enhancers, and added vitamins. This complete diet for your marine omnivores and carnivores provides the nutrition found on coral reefs. Its unique ingredients entice fish to feed with vigor. 3.5oz. 24 cubes per tray. 4 different types: 6 cubes each marine cuisine, emerald entree, squid, & omega-3 enriched brine shrimp. Royal Item Number: ASF88002

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